Hello everyone,

Denis Thompson Centurium Books - Fantasy Fiction Books for TeensWelcome to my website and home of Centurium The Land Of Creedon. My name is Denis Thompson, and I am a singer/songwriter and author of Centurium The Land Of Creedon fantasy fiction novel and soundtrack.

I decided to write Centurium because it offered me a new challenge but also because it allowed me to get away from everyday reality. Soon after I began to formulate the story I realised that I needed to bring this world of Centurium to life in a different way and began recording songs to complement the journey and tasks that the characters have to endure on their quest.

This is my first novel and I hope to bring you more fantasy fiction stories and accompanying songs for those who love reading and music.

My aim was make a silent piece of work sound like the strange world that is written within its very pages.   This gives the reader a chance to experience the story in a unique way by listening to the soundtrack while reading or alternatively enjoy them both separately and this is what is so special about Centurium.

My site will provide you with links to buy and/or stream Centurium soundtrack and offer you a chance to purchase Centurium The Land Of Creedon paperback and ebook.

I Love hearing from readers, and I especially like hearing from readers of Centurium, so feel free to contact me and I will do my best to respond to everyone.


Denis Thompson.